Meet Kenly

Kenly has big dreams for her future: dreams of clothes, Paris, and opening her own business. Right now, Kenly likes drawing clothes, but she doesn’t stop there. She even sews some of her own clothes!
Kenly, a second grader at East Dale Elementary, wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Kenly's dreams include going to one of the top designing schools in Paris. "I'd like to pick up some more fashion sense in Paris, " Kenly says.
As one of the regional winner for the 2014 SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest, Kenly won a $500 SMART529 college savings account. With dreams of Paris, it is a good thing that Kenly's parents were already saving with SMART529 West Virginia’s College Savings Plan. "You really have to start planning now, " Kenly's mom, Kerri, says.
After design school, Kenly dreams of opening her own business called "Fashion's Point". She even knows how she will decorate her building - "with lots of glitter." And, her first fashion line? "Animal Print Perfection”, which will include dresses and, of course, animal print."


Bright futures begin with SMART savings.


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Updated 10/05/2017