Meet JD

JD is well on his way to making his dream of being a neurologist become a reality. The fifth grader from Harrison County decided that he wanted to be a neurologist in the second grade. “I used a complex computer program to investigate the functions of our brains,” JD writes in his winning entry to the SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest. Ever since then, JD has been fascinated with how our brains and nervous systems work. JD plans to use his fascination with brains to help people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

JD’s parents are also working hard to help JD and his four siblings make their dreams come true. With 5 children, JD’s parents know the importance of saving for college.  “We picked this program because it is very easy and convenient and has tax benefits.” They also love the fact that other family members are able to contribute as well.

“College isn't an option in our house,” Julie says. “Education is the key to our children’s success. Once they have that education, no matter what they do, whether they become a neurologist or stay-at-home mom, education is something that nobody can take from them.”

Bright futures begin with SMART savings.


MUN 118070 06/15

Updated 01/04/2018