Meet Gabriella

With a knack for design like her father, a draftsman, and an affinity for watching HGTV, Gabriella Rose sees a career in architecture in her future.

As a fifth-grader at Williamstown Elementary School in Wood County, she enjoys science and figuring out ways to fix problems. In preparing for her career, she knows she'll also have to excel in art, math and in using a computer, and she'll need to be a good communicator to make sure people get the kind of design they want. She will also have to understand business management, she said.

This forward-thinker is even contemplating job security and feels like there will always be a need for architects.

"I like watching HGTV and drawing houses and yards, and it gave me the idea to be an architect," she said. "I'll have to study about buildings, really hard, and get a bachelor's and a master's degree."

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Updated 01/04/2018