Meet Mega

It was a story about Mother Teresa, or rather her heart surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty, and his efforts to bring medical care to the poor of India, that inspired Mega's dreams.
This first-grader at Maxwell Elementary School in Raleigh County wants to be a cardiac surgeon someday. Specifically, she wants to go to Harvard Medical School and become a heart surgeon "to save the life of people who are suffering from heart disease," she wrote in her winning SMART529 essay.
Her dreams don't stop there. She wants to build a cardiac care hospital that provides free, world-class treatment for people who can't afford to pay for it.
With all this to achieve, Mega knows that a lot of schooling is in her future, and even at this early age she's learning the basics of a healthy heart.
"Exercising regularly and eating low fat food will keep the heart healthy," she wrote in her essay.
The SMART529 Essay contest was "very motivating," her family said. It served as an excellent tool to help Mega start to think about what she wants to do as an adult, and what she'll need to know and accomplish to get there.
Bright futures begin with SMART savings.
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Updated 01/04/2018