Meet Michael

He was a third-grader at Conner Street Elementary School in Putnam County when Michael decided that he wanted to be a geneticist when he grows up.
Ask him why, and he'll say he wants to get into cloning and reviving the dinosaur population. "I also want to mix DNA," he'll tell you, matter-of-factly.
This budding scientist's love of animal biology and experimental research began in second grade, but Michael said he knows he has a lot of education ahead of him if he's going to clone anything.
"How I would become a geneticist is by going to a good college and studying biology and genetics," he wrote in his entry for the SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest. "I will study the benefits of cloning, like fighting disease. Then I will use my skills to attempt to revive the dinosaur species."
Updated 01/04/2018