Meet Jennaleah

Jennaleah is a soft-spoken 7 year-old that was just as happy to be quietly coloring as she was to be accepting a $500 award as one of the annual winners of the SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest.
 Jennaleah, who attends Maxwell Hill Elementary School in Raleigh County, wants to be a professional chef. "I just like to cook and help my mommy make cakes," she said. "Chocolate is my favorite."
She expects lots of practice, and then college classes in technology, math, business and food handling once she’s in college. Jennaleah would eventually like to train with top chefs in Paris and open her own business.
When she’s not helping out in the kitchen, Jennaleah likes to play, swim and jump on her trampoline. 
Updated 01/04/2018