Meet Kate

It was a family vacation to a beloved national park that led Kate of Shepherdstown Elementary School to her interest in geology. She shared her desire to become a geologist in an essay that earned her a $500 SMART529 scholarship in the When I Grow Up Essay Contest.
“I was on spring break with my family and we went to Yellowstone National Park,” she said. “I got to see some really cool rocks and we went gem mining. I just got interested from that.”
This intelligent 3rd grader likes that geologists can help create maps, decide where bridges are placed or know which areas might experience flooding in the future. She reads lots of books on the subject and, according to her family, always comes home with rocks that she has collected while exploring the outdoors. That has led to a big collection that includes her very favorite, a “huge” amethyst.
Updated 01/04/2018