Meet VJ

When VJ created an Avengers helicopter carrier from a 3,000-piece LEGO set, he did more than just finish the project.
"He did a good job keeping it organized," his father said, addressing one of the biggest challenges of LEGOs.
With a talent for building things and making them go, V.J.'s parents think he's perfectly suited for his chosen career as an electrical engineer. "I have always dreamed of making many useful things including inventing a flying car," V.J. wrote in his entry for the SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest. He submitted it as a fifth-grader at Emerson Elementary School in Wood County, adding, "This would be an interesting career because I would get to make gadgets."
VJ also wrote that he'll need four to six years of college, including a master's degree. He wants to stay in state for his college education (to improve the state's college attendance rate) and for his career because he loves it here, he said.
His mother, Christine, works in administration of Student Services at WVU Parkersburg, and is as happy about her son's commitment to the state as she is about the SMART529 contest itself.
"I work in higher education, so I think it's fabulous," she said.
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Updated 01/04/2018