Meet Payton

Payton's favorite store is Kroger. That is where she gets to go through the self-check-out aisle and practice for her future career in retail.
"When I grow up, I would like to be someone who helps people in stores," Payton wrote in her kindergarten entry for the SMART529 When I Grow Up Essay Contest. "I would learn how to use a scanner, cash register, and credit card machine. After I learn how to do that, I would like to open my own store and have people be healthy and happy."
A student at Johnson Elementary School in Harrison County, Payton likes to play "store" at home, and has a play cash register that gets a lot of use. Along with Kroger, another favorite place of Payton's is the library.
She knows that she'll have a lot of reading and learning ahead of her if she's going to run her own store someday.
"I will need to go to college to learn about running a business that will help my community and friends," she wrote. "My family says that I will be an entrepreneur. Big word for big dreams."
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Updated 01/04/2018