Investment Options

SMART529 WV Direct offers a variety of investment portfolios tailored to individual investor's savings needs.

Age-Based Portfolios

Aged 0-8 80%20%
Aged 9-13 65%35%
Aged 14-15 50%50%
Aged 16-17 25%75%
Aged 18+ 15%85%
.Equity .Fixed Income

With Age-Based Portfolios, the asset allocation within each of our five portfolios is tailored for children in a particular age group. As your child grows, assets are shifted from being primarily equity based to more fixed income, providing greater growth potential when your child is younger, and increased capital preservation potential as your child approaches college.

Tax-free transfers between investment options are allowed twice per calendar year.

Static Portfolios

Aggressive Growth 100%
Growth 80%20%
Balanced 65%35%
Conservative Balanced 20%80%
Conservative Bond 100%
.Equity .Fixed Income

Because investors differ in how long they plan to invest and how much risk they are willing to take, SMART529 WV Direct also offers five Static Portfolios. Each one differs in its risk and return potential, from more aggressive portfolios invested entirely in equities, to more conservative bond portfolios that invest completely in fixed income securities.

In contrast to the Age-Based Portfolios, Static Portfolios do not change as the child ages. The account owner must decide when and if a change to the allocation is needed. Federal law allows two tax-free changes per calendar year. Tax-free transfers between investment options are allowed twice per calendar year.

Individual Funds

  Asset Class Description
Equity swatch Equity (stocks)
  • Stock or shares of ownership or equity in a company.
  • Have historically offered the best growth opportunities over the long term as well as the highest risk and volatility.
Fixed Income swatch Fixed Income
  • Any type of investment that yields a regular (or fixed) return, including bonds, money market instruments or preferred stock.
  • Are less risky and volatile than stocks, but have historically produced lower returns.



Updated 01/06/2017