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College Day at Preschool is an exciting and fun opportunity to inspire your students to dream big and to celebrate your graduating preschoolers as they head to Kindergarten. It’s also a great time to challenge both students and parents to think about the future and how they will make their dreams for themselves or their children a reality.

The goal of College Day is to stress the importance of a college education and to create a stronger momentum for the long journey ahead, which begins in preschool and continues for the next 15 – 20 years of the child’s life.

Program Details

Select a day that your preschool facility conducts the College Day program with its graduating students – those four and five-year olds who are heading off to kindergarten in the fall. Encourage each student to dream big! Download program materials here or call (304) 340-2705 to request that copies be mailed to your facility..

Write down what students want to be when they grow up on the Photo Activity Prop and snap a picture! With parents’ permission, we encourage you to share these on our SMART529 Facebook page with the hashtag #WhenIGrowUp. Get parents involved too for even more fun, and don’t forget to distribute the Parent Newsletters.

Need more ideas to teach your students the value of higher education? Head over to our Facebook page for even more fun activities!

Downloadable Materials:


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Updated 05/12/2017