Smart529 Select

Investment Options

SMART529 Select offers a variety of investment portfolios tailored to individual investor's savings needs. You can even mix SMART529 Select investment portfolios for greater customization.

Age-Based PortfoliosWith Age-Based Portfolios, deciding how to invest is easy. The asset allocation within each of our seven portfolios is tailored for children in a particular age group. As your child grows, assets are shifted from a more aggressive portfolio (100% equity) to a more conservative one (20% equity, 80% fixed income) providing greater growth potential when your child is younger, and increased capital preservation potential as your child approaches college.

Tax-free transfers between investment options are allowed twice per calendar year (automatic quarterly rebalancing of the Age-Based Portfolios does not count toward this limit). Account owners may make two investment strategy changes per year.

For more information on the specific risks of these portfolios, please see the Offering Statement.

  Asset Class Description
Equity swatch Equity (stocks)
  • Stock or shares of ownership or equity in a company.
  • Have historically offered the best growth opportunities over the long term as well as the highest risk and volatility.
Fixed Income swatch Fixed Income
  • Fixed income investing refers to any type of investment or budgeting style that an issuer pays real return rates or periodic income at a set interval and at reasonably predictable levels. This may include bonds, bond funds, CDs, ETFs, and money market funds. Fixed income investors are usually pensioners or retirees who rely on a regular, stable income stream.
  • Are less risky and volatile than stocks, but have historically produced lower returns.
Updated 12/07/2017