The Anderson Family

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Kristin Anderson of Charleston, West Virginia understands the value of education. As a graduate of West Virginia University, she believes that through education and learning, people become independent and afford themselves a better quality of life.


“My dream is for my son, Brooks, to live a life full of curiosity and exploration,” Kristin said.


She and her husband, Andrew, understand the hardships of rising tuition costs. Their goal is to ease this burden for Brooks with the help of SMART529, West Virginia’s College Savings Plan. They hope that by saving early college tuition will be less of an obstacle for their son’s future.


“SMART529 is allowing us to plan in advance for the financial obligations of higher education. By starting to save now, we are helping to ensure a bright future for our son. I hope he never stops learning and has the opportunity to dream big.”


With the Bright Babies program, they are able to begin saving even earlier! This program aims to help new parents and adoptive families save in their child’s first year. Open an account today and receive $100 toward your child’s college savings.


Bright futures begin with smart savings! Visit to learn how to get a head start on college savings for the child in your life.