The Love Family

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John & Julie Love of Bridgeport, West Virginia started early in preparing their family for higher education. The Loves have spent years of saving in SMART529 accounts for each of their five children. By being open with their family about their savings strategy, higher education has been a topic of conversation in the home for over a decade. Education after high school was an expectation set clearly at an early age and all five children have been dreaming about their future career endeavors.


“We have a SMART529 account for each of our children and we contribute to each monthly,” says Julie.


How do they do it?

“As parents, you make all kinds of sacrifices for your kids. We make college savings a priority,” Julie says.


Julie says the family follows the age-old rule that says you should pay yourself first. For the Loves, that means putting money aside for their children’s educations rather than spending that money somewhere else.


Julie knows it doesn’t take much to make a big difference for your child’s future.


The Love’s eldest child, Jacob is currently a student at WVU majoring in Petroleum Engineering - a field of study he wrote about as a fifth grader when he participated in the When I Grow Up essay contest back in 2008. The family is accessing those SMART529 funds to help cover the costs associated with his field of study.


Bright futures begin with SMART savings!