The Mick Family

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Ellis and Emmett, both students at New Manchester Elementary in Hancock County, have each developed a love of animals. Over time and with a few trips to the zoo, the boys have decided they want to be an ornithologist and a zoologist when they grow up.


Emmett originally wanted to study dinosaurs, but decided that the blue herons near his home resembled some of the dinosaurs he had learned about. This led to a trip to an aviary and a new dream. He would love to one day have his own aviary and dreams of being called “Doc Emmett, the Birdman”.


Ellis, on the other hand, wants to learn anything he can about animals, especially otters. “When I get older, I want to go to college to learn all about animals so I can work at a zoo and protect animals. This way kids like me can enjoy seeing them!“ he says.


With dreams this big, it is a good thing that Emmett and Ellis’s parents are already saving with SMART529 West Virginia’s College Savings Plan. This plan allows their parents to begin saving early to help make their dreams a reality.


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