Meet Irissa

Future Astronomer

Irissa is a candid fourth grader at Lumberport Elementary who is aiming to be an astronomer when she grows up. She earned $500 to go toward her education with her winning entry in the SMART529 When I Grow Up essay contest.

“I want to study stars and galaxies,” she said. “I’m really interested in stars and have my own telescope. I look at the stars often and see how they form into constellations. I see Orion’s belt a lot. I’m also into Zodiac signs. I’m a Leo so I’m pretty bossy.”

Irissa says she’ll need to take lots of science and math classes as she pursues her dream. She enjoyed a visit to the Greenbank Observatory and even stumped her guide with a question. She loves to read and says J.K. Rowling is her favorite author.

When she’s not studying the stars, she enjoys gymnastics and acrobatics and hopes to take ballet lessons.

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