Meet Isaiah

Future Astronaut

Isaiah, 7, is a homeschooled student in Cabell County who dreams of becoming an astronaut. Isaiah earned $500 in scholarship money to help achieve his goal thanks to his winning essay in the SMART529 When I Grow Up essay contest.

“I like space,” he said. “I had some space ice cream and got interested in it after that. It was crunchy.”

Isaac has already got a list of completed builds including a chair out of foam blocks, a robot out of cardboard and a toy crane as part of summer engineering camp he attended at Marshall University.

Isaiah says he would like to travel to the moon and bring back moon rocks for his friends. First, he will need to go to college and study science, math and astronautical engineering. His favorite subject is currently history. He enjoys playing baseball and Whiffle ball as well as building things, drawing and digging for worms.

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