Meet Madalyn

Future Biomedical Scientist

This fifth grader from Berlin McKinney Elementary School in Wyoming County has big plans for her future but she’s going to need a lot of school. Thanks to winning the big prize in the Smart529 “When I Grow Up” Essay Contest, Madalyn now has $5,000 to go toward her college fund. Madalyn dreams of becoming a biomedical scientist.

“I want to cure diseases,” she said, matter-of-factly. “My grandmother has cancer, and I would like to find a cure for cancer.”

Madalyn loves science. She loves doing experiments and seeing the effects they have on life. She plans to attend Marshall University in her quest to study illnesses that don’t have a cure.

Outside of school, Madalyn participates in gymnastics and cheerleading and likes to watch YouTube videos.

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