Prepaid Tuition Plan Distributions


Benefit Availability
Prepaid tuition plan benefits are available on a semester-by-semester basis, two per academic year, beginning with the fall semester of the beneficiary's expected college entrance year.


Example: Eight semester units of prepaid tuition would mature two per academic year for four years. The academic year is the typical West Virginia public college academic year that begins with the fall term and runs through the end of the summer session.


Any fall or spring semester units that are not depleted may be used for summer school classes. The SMART529 Service Center maintains the official record of available units in each Prepaid Tuition Plan account. Beneficiaries whose accounts mature this year do not have benefits available for summer school.
Distribution Schedule
Distribution of benefits maturing for the fall semester begins in July. Spring semester benefits are available as soon as school tuition invoices are distributed. Distribution Request Forms should normally be submitted two weeks before you need the funds to allow time for mailing and processing. A copy of the beneficiary's tuition and fee invoice must also be submitted as proof of enrollment. Be sure the invoice clearly shows both the beneficiary's and institution's name.

As of March 8, 2003, The West Virginia Prepaid Tuition Plan is closed to new enrollments. This does not affect those already enrolled in the plan.

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