WV Prepaid Tuition Plan Forms and Documents


Use the forms and documents below to take action on your West Virginia Prepaid Tuition Plan Account.


Form / Document Description Requirements
Change Your Address PDF

Use this form to change your address. Two confirmations will be mailed, one to your old address, and one to your new address.

This action can also be done online, over the telephone, or by using this form and mailing it to the Customer Service Center.

Change Your Name PDF

Account owners use this form to change their name on the account.

This action requires a form with a signature by the account owner and copy of a court document, mailed to the Customer Service Center.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report PDF

This report, issued by the WV Prepaid Tuition and College Savings Board of Trustees annually, provides financial statements for the program which are audited by an independent certified public accounting firm.


Disclosure Statement AgreementPDF

Learn about the policies relating to the operation of the West Virginia Prepaid Tuition Plan (Plan) and Prepaid Tuition Trust Fund (Trust). These policies update and supercede any former policies of the Board.




SMART529 Customer Service:

Toll-free call: 1-866-574-3542

Fax: 1-877-486-9270


Representatives are available during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.


Prepaid Mail:

SMART529 WV Prepaid Tuition Plan

PO Box 44070

Jacksonville, FL 32231- 4070