Enrollment Kit
Start saving for your child’s education! SMART529 can help put you on the course to saving for college. It’s easy to see why it’s a SMART start! There is no minimum initial investment, and there are a number of portfolios options to choose from.
Enrollment Brochure

529 WV Direct Enrollment Brochure
Learn more about SMART529 WV Direct including, the benefits, what a 529 plan covers, key features, programs, and investment options.  

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Download the SMART529 account application and mail your application with your initial contribution.

You can also open an account online here.

offering Statement

Offering Statement
The offering statement contains information about investment fees, expenses, performance history and risks. It also contains information about customer service and how your investments are managed and administered.

  • Scholarship and financial aid information from FinAid, a comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools
  • Guidelines on how to develop your scholarship strategy from the College Board