Bright Babies Program
SMART529, West Virginia's Education Savings Plan is pleased to offer the Bright Babies program to help new parents get a head start on saving!

Smart Savings starts now.

The Bright Babies program helps new parents begin to save in their child's first year. Open a new account and we will make a $100 contribution to your child's college savings.

Who is eligible:

  • Any child who has not celebrated his or her first birthday.
  • Any adopted child who has not yet celebrated the one-year anniversary of their adoption.
  • Children must be residents of West Virginia at the time the Bright Babies enrollment form is submitted

Open an account today:

Complete the SMART529 account paperwork and check the Bright Babies enrollment box. Download the forms or call 866-574-3542.

Hurry! They grow up fast and this program is only available for their first year.

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What is a 529 Plan?
A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage families to save for college. Earnings on 529 investments accumulate tax-tree, and distributions are tax-exempt, as long as they are applied toward eligible education expenses such as tuition and room and board. The investments underlying a 529 plan typically consist of mutual funds. Investment returns are not guaranteed, and you could lose money by investing in the Plan.


First Steps in Financial Planning

first steps in financial planning

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Contributions are subject to the availability of budgeted funds and Bright Babies Program funds will be awarded in the order that the Bright Babies Application and all applicable forms were received, processed, and approved for each calendar year. The contributed funds will be invested in the same investment option(s) as the Beneficiary’s Account.

SMART529 reserves the right to modify the Bright Babies Program requirements as needed.