Make a Contribution

Make a Contribution

Making contributions to a SMART529 account is easy, whether it's to your own account or the account of a family member or friend.


If you're the account owner:
You have several options for contributing to your own account
Online Log in to SMART529 Online.
By phone Call Customer Service (1-866-574-3542). Be ready with your bank account information (bank routing number and your account number and type) and contribution amount.
Automatically on a regular schedule With SMART529's Automatic Investment Program, you can have regular contributions transferred from your bank account automatically. You don't have to remember!
By mail Mail a coupon to us with your contribution. These are sent with your account statement. Complete the coupon, noting the beneficiary account number on your Statement of Account. Mail the completed coupon and your check to the address provided on the coupon.


If you're contributing to someone else's account:
Online Contribute by mail using our gift coupons and gift receipts. Send the completed coupon in with your check and present the gift receipt to the account beneficiary. Be sure to obtain the SMART529 account number from the account owner to ensure that your gift is applied to the proper account. gift




Friends and family can also make regular contributions using the SMART529 Automatic Investment Program.

When Paying by Check
Make your check out to "SMART529."

Include the nine-digit beneficiary account number to ensure your contribution is posted properly.